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RG STARS: Competitive Development Program(2005-2008) 2018-19

Age / Gender



10 Months
Sept – June


Competitive Experience: $2550.00-$3500.00 + GST  *annual club reg fee: $175.00

Weekly Commitment

3 or 4 days/week
8 or 11 hours per week

RG STARS Competitive Experience Program

Girls 2005-2008
A Competitive RG Program that does NOT focus as intensely on competition results or on the Gymnastics Canada event qualification progression. These athletes will do individual routines and possibly group routines. Please read all details below to understand more. This program can be a bridge program into Elite (from Explorers/ Adventurers, Rising Stars, Competition Intro, or Provincial) or it can be a destination program. Our desire is to foster a love of physical activity through gymnastics, movement and expression.
Athletes will learn:

  • Strong gymnastics fundamentals
  • Overall fitness including cardio and strength conditioning
  • Apparatus technique (Rope, Hoop, Ball, Ribbon, Scarves etc)
  • Different styles of dance and movement patterns
  • Team Warm-ups, Team Building
  • Skill selection, Choreography, Routines, Fall production
  • Performance routines
  • Goal setting to achieve peak performances at Westerns/Nationals/ Internationally and self-motivation
  • Working independently as well as with a team
  • Self-confidence
  • Time management
  • Patience, determination and perseverance
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