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Age / Gender



9-10 Months
Sept – May/June


Competitive Intro 1(Pre-Competitive): $1600.00-$2000.00+GST  *annual club reg fee: $120.00

Competitive Intro 2: Introduction to Competition $2000.00+GST  *annual club reg fee: $120.00

Weekly Commitment

2-3 days/week
4-6 hours per week

Competitive Intro Program

Girls Ages 2010-2013
Our Competition Intro Program offers young athletes an opportunity to learn about competitive rhythmic gymnastics. All athletes will have exposure to and learn in more depth: ballet, choreography, fitness, the RG apparatus and more. At this stage of development our goal is to foster a love for the sport of Rhythmics. We spend a lot of time working on fundamentals but we also make sure the kids have tons of fun learning about their sport. If you are interested in this program and you are not a current member of the competitive program please inquire at the bottom of the page.

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Program Fee Options

Competitive Intro 1- 2012-13 - (Pre Competitive) Training Schedule

Competitive Intro 2- 2010-2011- (Intro to Competition) Training Schedule

Additional Required Costs/Fees/Commitments

Other Optional Costs

Parent Involvement Required?

The Year at a Glance

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