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Girls:2010- 2012


10 Months
Sept – June


Competitive STARTZ: $2550.00 OR $3550.00 + GST  *annual club reg fee: $160.00

Weekly Commitment

3 or 4 days/week
8 or 11 hours per week

RG STARS- Competitive STARTZ Program (2010-2012)

Girls Ages 2010-2012

An exciting entry-level competitive program for girls that show a love for gymnastics, movement, and expression. Training and preparation for one local and one (or more) out-of- town competitions, are parts of this exciting program.
All RG STARS’ programs take part in our exciting fall production. *This program has a summer pre-requisite of a minimum of 2 weeks (4 weeks are recommended). If you are auditioning (getting an assessment for recommended placement) for the first time and have missed our summer camp, we can assess you and let you know where we think you will thrive! Contact us for details.

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