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Summer Camps 2020 - Rhythmic FUN 2 - Born 2008-2013

Class /Age 
Girls born 2008-2013

Four Magical Camps to Pick from!

No experience required-We welcome Visitors, Newcomers, Puddle Jumpers/Gym Stars or Pre-Competitive

Camp Fee:

$225.00 + GST

Rhythmic FUN 2 – Born 2008- 2013

Come join us for a week of magical theme inspired rhythmic gymnastics camps. Each week follows a new theme- see “more info about the camps” to find out what themes we will be imagining each week. Rhythmic FUN summer camps are designed to inspire and challenge each budding gymnast. Our team of coaches aims to help athletes increase levels of: fitness, coordination, agility, skill set, technique, dance work, expression, enthusiasm, focus and more! Come learn about Ribbons, Hoops, Balls, Skipping, Warm-ups, Acro, Drama, Dance, Music Interpretation, Routines, Circus arts, and more! Participants in this program do not need any previous experience. Rhythmic FUN camps are open to new members, visitors from out of town, members who were involved in our Puddle Jumpers, Gym STARS or Competitive Intro programs during the 2020 season or members who are invited to join Pre-Competitive 2020-21 Program in the fall.

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