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Doug MacPherson


The hallmark of a truly great coach is expressed by those they teach. Great coaches provide more than a set of skills in a sport. They provide some of the most valuable life skills. The measure of a coach is not just the win / loss column or the number of athletes to reach the top, it is found in the hearts of those they touch. A great coach leaves an indelible mark on the values of an athlete. Any athlete will gladly tell you the stories of that one coach that made them understand the true value of sport and the true dividends that they will reap in their lives, even if it is years after the fact. If you are an athlete or a former athlete, ask yourself to remember the greatest coach you ever experienced. It will undoubtedly be a very fond memory and you will feel it inside, deeply. A great athletic coach is really a great human coach. As a former athlete and a parent of a child touched by her coach, I think I know a great coach when I see one. Camille Martens has demonstrated over and over again the tremendous impact she has on the discipline, dedication, pride and perseverance of her athletes’. She is recognize around the world as an inspiration and is really one of Canada’s greatest ambassadors. Undoubtedly she will only get better and all the lives she has touched or ever will touch will be all the better for the experience.

Doug MacPhersonFather

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