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Karley Sunstrum


Camille opened a world of opportunity for me.  She took me as a shy 9 year old and allowed me to discover my full potential through the creative sport of rhythmic gymnastics.  She fostered a passion and love for the sport that you have passed on to not only me, but SO MANY of her gymnasts.  I have found that all of her past gymnasts, who are many of my closest friends, have gone on in life and have essentially followed their dreams!  So many of her girls are making differences in their own lives and the lives of others, and it is through Camille’s leadership that we have all learned how to be agents of change: Positive change!  The closeness allows for phenomenal relationships to be established and genuine talent to be shaped and uplifted.  Camille is passionate about her work.  Indeed, it is not only her work, but her LIFE!

Karley SunstrumAthlete

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