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Lauren Adolph


I am nearly 21 now and I’ve been trying to figure out why I keep stumbling upon success in my life at an age when you’re supposed to just stumble…period. Stumble out of high school into the wonders of becoming an adult, going to university, getting a job, creating a life. It’s a big, scary and hard change…right? But this is what gets me, I’m not having a hard time with it, not at all. I am explaining this so that when I share my conclusion with you, you won’t brush it off as a useless cliche or horrible over exaggeration. So here it is. My only explanation is that I know I wouldn’t be experiencing this success without the incredible impact Rhythmic Gymnastics and Camille Martens had on my childhood. The intangible life skills she fostered in me have literally created the person I am today; a person who never seems short of a spectacular outcome – no matter the hand she’s dealt. I know that I could never have so effortlessly created this thrilling, above average, roller coaster of a life without Camille. I will love her forever, not only for teaching me how to be a champion on the carpet, but for how to be a champion beyond the carpet.

Lauren AdolphAthlete

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